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You can be anything because the #ChoiceIsOurs

Has a negative comment ever made you consider changing your style? Were you offered a piece of advice that you can’t stop thinking about? Do you find yourself trying to conform to these expectations with every step that you take? Snap out of it, take a deep breath, and repeat after us: We like it. We wear it. We slay it. It’s our style & we own it.

This Women’s Day and every day after, let’s resolve to wear whatever we want, wherever we want, and whenever we want to because the #ChoiceIsOurs

We’re here to help you break free from social stereotypes and embrace who you truly are. Ladies, your idea of style is about to change.


Dark or Light?

Say “yes” to your favourite colours regardless of what supposedly ‘works for you’. Wear them with confidence and your body and mind will automatically embrace it. The way you dress is a way of expressing yourself. So, when it comes to your personal style, don’t rein it in, show it off!


Long or Short?

Agree on wearing what you like, be it a long dress or a short one. Don’t let the “fashion police” and their rigid laws limit you and keep you from experimenting. Whether it’s an ankle length or a thigh high, strut your style, woman!


Formal or Casual?

Feel like wearing smart formal combo to the movies ? Or casuals to a family get together? Dress however you want to, and feel comfortable in because the #ChoiceIsOurs and people would respect your way of dressing and like you for who you are!

Love colours that pop? Adore that long-frilled maxi dress? Or Dungarees to a club? The only way to look great for every event and feel amazing is to be our self because the #ChoiceIsOurs!

Stock up on everything that makes you feel yourself from our new Women’s Day collection. Head to the nearest VERO MODA store or shop online at

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